Life on the go, a need to keep up, and a constant awareness of the passage of time, are reasons of our continual search for ways to look young and beautiful. A refreshing look attracts attention, adds self-confidence, improves our well-being but most significantly of all, allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin.
Following a careful analysis of the latest trends, the needs of our customers and their most sophisticated desires, Salon Urody Beata Trawińska was established. Our mission is based on the values and ethics that should best serve the health and beauty of our customers. Treatments and therapies are selected after careful consideration of the individual needs of each and every guest in our beauty salon.

We invite you to take advantage of our consultations - the first step on the road to enhanced well-being and looking great.

Beata Trawińska


Agata Kasprzyk MD

General Surgery Specialist / Aesthetic Medicine Doctor / Proctologist

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University in Wrocław (2009). General surgery specialist. Her research for a doctoral dissertation in the field of surgery concerns the treatment of proctological diseases using platelet-rich plasma.
Aesthetic medicine, which she has practiced successfully since 2009, has been her passion since college.

Her priority is the safety of performed procedures and avoiding complications. Supporter of natural appearance. Dr Kasprzyk constantly raises her qualifications by participating in numerous workshops, internships and symposia. All this to guarantee you safe treatment in line with medical art and current trends.
She devotes her free time to active leisure, traveling and ecological vegetable growing.

Education, internships, courses:

- Medical University in Wrocław (2009) - Medical Faculty
- Postgraduate internship and specialization in general surgery - University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław
- Participant of the International Postgraduate Studies in Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM-Worlod Societyty from Antiaging Medicine)
- Internship in the Clinic of prof. Romulo Mene - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- 3 months internship as part of a specialization in the Plastic Surgery Department of the Marciniak Hospital in Wroclaw
- Numerous trainings and congresses in the field of aesthetic medicine, surgery and proctology in the country and abroad (Cairo, Beijing, USA, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, London)
- Graduate student of post-graduate studies "Practical Coloproctology" (Jagiellonian University)

Treatment offer:

- Botulinum toxin - reduction of facial expressions (forehead, eyes), chin wrinkles, wrinkles over the upper lip, „gummy smile”, nose tip falling. Lifting the corners of the mouth, eyebrows. Treatment of hyperhidrosis, migraines, anal fisstulas. Mezobotox
- Hyaluronic acid fillers - lip augmentation / modeling, wrinkle reduction, nasolabial folds reduction, volumetry, cheek modeling, reduction of "valley of tears". Nose correction. Facial contour improvement. Correction of the mandible line
- Laser therapy (CO2 fractional laser) - reduction of acne scars, resurfacing of the skin ,lifting and smoothing, reduction of stretch marks and skin flaccidity
- Discoloration removal
- Fat removal (chin, knees, belly)
- Lifting threads
- Mesotherapy (moisturizing, firming, nourishing the skin)
- Hair treatments
- Platelet rich plasma (PRP, vampire lift) and stem cells therapies
- Spider veins, vascular lesions, varicose veins - sclerotherapy and Ellman diathermy
- ifting 3D (Inus) - reduction of stretch marks and treatment of flaccidity / drooping of the skin (non-invasive lifting, improvement of the face oval)
- Chemical peels - improvement, smoothing the skin structure, reduction of discoloration, acne treatment, treatment of sun damage
- Phenol Peel- deep facial peel
- Surgery - outpatient procedures, removal of skin and subcutaneous lesions, dermatosurgery, treatment of scars, burns
- Blepharoplasty-upper eyelid surgery
- Minimally invasive cosmetic proctological and gynecological procedures

Zoya Porwisiak

Esthetic Cosmetology Manager / Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist with a wealth of experience, who specializes in aesthetic cosmetology, beauty treatments and physiotherapy. Constantly raises her qualifications by taking part in numerous trainings in the field of laser therapy, radio-frequency, mesotherapy, ultrasound, etc. Thanks to her individualized approach to every patient and professional treatments are assessed quickly and effectively helping to achieve the desired results. As a make-up artist and specialist in permanent make-up, believes that every woman can bring out her natural beauty. Interests: Psychology, healthy lifestyle, Latin American dance, travel.

Aneta Romanowska

Salon Manager

A Management Studies graduate with a degree in Public Relations, co-ordinates the work of the salon in co-operation with its doctors, cosmetologists and the hairdressing salon. Constantly expanding her knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, keeping up to date with the newest technologies to best convey her knowledge to clients. Passionate about a healthy lifestyle, vegetarian cuisine and an enthusiast of physical activity.

Ilona Łapczyńska


Angin Parsjan